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Our vulnerability is all our insensitivity [entries|friends|calendar]

Mommy can I go out and KILL!!!tonight?!!?!?
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i gotta get outta hereeeee >:O [Saturday
July 23rd 2005]
[ mood | hyperrr?? :D ]

hmm...today? fun :).. faggot people saying shit about some of my best friends only because of worthless jealousy? lame ;)...but anywho, today at school was ok i guess...1rst mod (GEOGRAPHYYY)was quite fun with gabby and vanessa and peoplee :D.. hmm..2nd mod (ARTTTT)was fun,..except for the quix..that i "Passed" somewhat i think..though i wired my clothes with my cd player during the test because i was bored and didnt really feel like doing it?...i hung out with taylor and tyler lmao, sink farts :D. hmm..CHELSEA SEMENZA HAS GLASS :O !!!!11!!1!! lunch,was ok i guess nothing went on except for the occasional dirty and feminine looks from steven lane? lmao, how gay :P..well anywho, i dont know what went on in 3rd mod (SCIEENNCEEE)..i feeellll into the best sleep ive ever had in a forever :D..i was supposed to hand back a bunch of papers, but..i drooled all over it? :\, so it was LENGALLSSS LOSSS :D ...weeeee.i got really hyper after that. 4th mod(PRE AL >:O)...was really fuckin boring..mrs.horwatt took the magazine that i was looking at off of me..well.it waasnt even mine, it was theresa's..so oh well :)...gabby got kicked off..horwatt was in an extremely bitchy mood :(..hmm..then i got isolated from the class again for "Disruptment" or whatever the fuck its called...so i chucked notes and theresa allll class..then we got out 10minutes early for locker cleanup..i talk to kyle on the steps waiting to be let out for the buses? some weird girl had a fucking note pinned onto her shirt, i didnt think she knew it was there...so i laughed at her. hmm..im bored..so comment or something. ;)

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hmm.. [Friday
May 20th 2005]
[ mood | not sure ]

for some odd reason, i'm feeling quite down today and i'm not really sure why. i can't even think of things that are going on right now, i felt like blocking them out. if anyone could explain why i'm feeling so blank anymore, please, feel free to leave a comment, but anywho..i only was at school for one mod today and then my gram came and picked me up to take me to my orthodontist appoinment. hmm..new colors? i can't wait for thee beach! :D.. sarah sawicki's gonna be comin with me and my sister and my mom and etc etc..WOOT..umm..i'm in quitee a giving up mood also, not really sure of that either..umm..i've lost like 15pounds in like..the last 2weeks? score! umm..but anyways, i'm still fat and gotta lose alot more.i got chinese fod today..another score! and i passedd mrs.white's test from yesturday, oh yeahh..im just RACKIN upp thee points anymore, im probably gonna go to summer school..cuz ..yeah :( ack..umm..i'm bored, i was supposed to go bowling tonight, but um, i havent gotten in touch with taylor :(..ack..yeah? so..bored much? and if anyone wants to do anything this weekend, once again, feel free to comment as you must, please no more 5million random comments? that's getting on my last nerves,i'm getting sick of how people are trying to set me up with random people too,that's getting even lamer, i've been listening to alot of emo music lately and i'm not sure why...ok so i'll stop bothering you all with my random ramblings, so, goodbye now ;) <3

Won Ton Soup! :O

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hmm...pow..KABOOM! :O [Thursday
May 19th 2005]
[ mood | chyes! :D ]

hmm..today was pretty lame, anywho...i'm bored. so comment or something? :)

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:( [Tuesday
May 17th 2005]
[ mood | emo :( ]

Am i really as invisible as you make me feel?
sometimes this world never felt so unreal..
tears feel like the only fashion,
but loving you,
is like sex without passion..
it's hard to compete,
your lips are so sweet,
i'd kill for the taste;

And sometime's it's hard,
my word's just choke out,
why can't you tell from the words in my mouth?
screaming can't help,
and crying can't too,
the only thing left..
is that i love you..

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May 16th 2005]
[ mood | boredd ]

You scored as Punk/Rebel.








Ghetto gangsta


Drama nerd








What's Your High School Stereotype?
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May 16th 2005]
[ mood | yayy :) ]

hmm...first mod, boring..like usual. slapped gabbys ass an left a bruise! HAH! YA HERE THAT GABBY!?! PAYBACKS A BITCH! :D :D ... umm... nothing really happened much, i'm friends with victoria again, she's hot. and rachel's just a dork <3 god do i love that idiot :D. second mod...first half an hour of class was wasted because mr.perry never showed up for the older kids..and yeahh...so then when he finally did, we did our shitty exercises and whatknot...and then everyone had a choice of either, soccer, football, or soccer...i chose...SOCCER :D..haha..boring much? gym blows the major. so anyways, halfway through the soccer game, everyone decided to play kickball and such, so switched some cones around..and VOILA! KICKBALL FEILD! :D thir mod..boring, i went into my bookbag and found the checkered peice of fabric sage gave me saturday,s0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o i made a cool new headband for my own self :)...um..4th mod, always annoying as fuck...i think i'll never pass thee 8th grade..but... oh well. AHAHHAHAAHAHAHAA AND I WENT TO THE MARCHING BAND MEETING!! WOOO!!!!! MARCHING BAND!!! YAH!!! nicole bruce and megan burton were there, and during this stupid movie they showed us, we kept laughing, and the marching band directors kept glaring at us.

yeahh..so, now im home, and i might go to the gallery of sound later.
and im curently talking to sage and rachel<3


Marching Band ;)

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woof woof woof MEOWW [Sunday
May 15th 2005]
[ mood | ...hmm? ]

ok, welp, i decided to make a new journal, since my other one started bothering me and whatknot. this ones readable, but anonyomous fags can't comment because i have a headache right now and i don't feel like listening to them. umm.. i've been in quite a crappy mood lately? why? no idea. i dunno, comment or something. :)

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